Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey... There's no diploma in that big thing they gave you...!!

I can remember as if it were yesterday, Erica's high school graduation. It was about an hour after the recessional. She had already changed out of her gown. We had all enjoyed the post graduation refreshments offered to family and friends. Erica looked at us pleadingly and said, "Let's stay just a few minutes longer, soon as I leave this hall, it's all over".

It was such a poignant thought. High school was the "safe zone" that she knew. Once that safety net was removed, what was ahead of her - the unknown - loomed large. She had chosen her seminary, but beyond that, her future was uncertain.

Yesterday's graduation was a totally different scenario. Seminary is a distant memory. Erica's future is now such a wonderous landscape before her. She has a field of study that she loves, a husband she ADORES, and a most miraculous little life on the way. She was not at all hesitant after all the pomp and circumstance to remove her graduation gown and step forward into her future with her friends and family beside her.

We cheered. We cried. We celebrated. May life always be so rosy!!!

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