Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp Daze

After months of shopping, planning, labelling etc. my baby, my little Jen, went off to four weeks of sleepaway camp for the very first time in her decade long existance. Armed with a knapsack full of bus letters (yes, everybody came through... gold stars to Michael and Chana for being the first ones!), stationary, nosh, 'get to know the others' activity books and lots of bravado, she waved us off with a cheerful (and a bit tearful) smile.

I hope that it will be a wonderful growth experience (am I talking about for her or for me?)...

What I learned today:
  • From the cases and cases of water bottles being lugged into the hold of the bus by ponytailed, long "Junee" skirt clad, teenagers, I'd say the water up at camp is pretty foul.
  • From the several people loading full sterilite drawer sets into the luggage hold of the bus (kind of clever except no handles...), I'd say there isn't much shelf space to speak of in the bunkhouses.
  • From the fact that the mother of Jen's 18 year old counselor whose been to this camp for 13 years came to the bus stop, I'd say that you are never to old to need a mother's love and consequently a mother's job is never done.

Now if I can only get over my vague sense of nausea and make it until Friday, the first day she is allowed to call and let us know that she is having a fabulous time and never wants to come home, we'll all be good :)

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