Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get Ready to HOP!!

Yes, that is correct.
We here at Guess Who's Coming To Dinner are gearing up for our Second Annual Succah Hop!
We are accepting your photo and/or video submissions at
Let me know if/how you would like to be credited.
Photos can be of either your completed succah, or the building process, or the decorating process.
It doesn't even have to be YOUR succah.
Send in photos of succahs you pass on your travels!
Share with the rest of us!!
Thanks for playing.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Anonymous said...

Should we be showing off with Mitzvos ?

YDL said...

What does that mean? A chance to demonstrate the beauty of one's succah is not showing off. It is zeh Keli v'anveihu - glorification of the Mitzvos. Reminds me of a story with R' Hirsch (which I don't have in front of me, so I hope I don't say it incorrectly - feel free to fill in the details). R' Hirsch (or somebody in the Kehilla) built a succah. Apparently it was large, expensive, and most people used the communal succah. A neighbor commented that this was "aveira gelt", as the communal succah was available. R' Hirsch replied that no, this was "Mitzva gelt" as it will endear the mitzvah to others and encourage them in its performance. I don't think that this is all that different.

Anonymous said...

If you advertise it its gaavah, plain and simple. Tomim Tehiyeh Im Hashem Elokecho.

Louisa said...

I like looking at other people's sukkaus! Sukkaus are like really beautiful Kiddush cups and really pretty Chanukiyahs! They are fantastic! I love beautiful things and I love Jewish artistry. Also looking at other peoples', gives me ideas! I am not sure why this is in any way any sort of halachic discussion at all...

Louisa said...

I think it would be a halachic discussion if we were like, Puritan or Amish. But I am not sure we really place much value on austerity, do we? I thought we like to make things beautiful, especially mitzvaus...I mean, not stupid things like $10,000 handbags, necessarily...but I mean, how is sending a picture different from sharing the joy? I always learned its not wrong at all to be rich, its only wrong if you don't share - and that goes for poor people too. Everyone is supposed to practice sharing. I don't have a story about Rav Hirsch to back this up ;)

Dolly Lamma said...

If one were to say "look at my Sukkah, it cost X thousand dollars and I spent Y thousand decorating it", that would be arrogant and inappropriate. If one were to say "look at my sukkah, I spent spent much time and effort decorating it"--not so much. IMHO.