Friday, December 14, 2012

Food Photo Friday - Gearing Up For An Engagement Party

These "simple" sugar cookies have become somewhat of a tradition for me for family simchas.
The problem is, that although the dough is simple and even the WRITING is (relatively) simple (if not dull and repetitive), the icing and outlining is quite tedious. 2-3 minutes per cookie x 100 cookies = you do the math.

Oh, and let's not forget that those little nonpareils which delicately outline each heart, skitter everywhere and I continue to step on them for days, no matter how often I sweep. I end out with the loveliest polka dotted soles of my feet.

They do, however, add a bit of fun, love and personalization to a simcha.

So if you ever want to attempt these cookies, consider yourselves forewarned ;)

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itsagift said...

Woah, talk about tedious work. Those are so pretty and colorful! :)