Thursday, March 14, 2013


Just in time for Yom Tov, the kind folks over at have offered me the opportunity to do another review/giveaway.

Sometimes it's hard to tell from a photo, how a product will actually be "in hand" (or "on head", as the case may be....). I thought it would be interesting to try out one product from several different manufacturers, so that I could compare style, texture and fit of the various brands.

The first item I thought I'd try came from Cherie. It was a pretty Silver Jaguar Velvet Pre-Tied. The print is as pretty in person as it is in the photo and the velvet is super soft and rich feeling. The description listed "short" tails. I found the entire snood to be fitting with the "short" description. It is a close fitting snood without a lot of air space inside the back. I have longer hair so I would probably prefer a larger "pocket" but my hair fit in fine, even though it was definitely a closer fit than I am used to. 

My second choice came from Lady Bug. I chose a Sequin Leaves on Black Cotton Pre-tied. This is  probably the least "glamorous" of all my selections, but I'll bet you ANYTHING that it's going to be the one I grab for the most. The cotton is super soft. The longer tails fall nicely at the sides. There is no disturbing "ruffle" in the back that annoys me about most of the more decorative snoods. Comfy, comfy, comfy.

Another pre-tied I sampled came from DaCee Designs. The Black Lycra with Flower Emblem Bandana is similar, though a bit dressier than the Lady Bug snood above. I also find that it is a bit snugger on the ears. Some people like snoods tighter - some looser, so it's just your personal preference. The tails are a bit longer as well. This is one of those snoods with the "ruffle" that I talked about earlier, as opposed to just a covered elastic on the bottom.

Now for my big change (you know me.... change is NOT my middle name!), I went for this Sheer Floral Oblong Tichel with Fringes (in purple) because it caught my eye. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I loooove this scarf. The sheer fabric is shimmery, slinky (making it a bit slippery when tying) and gorgeous and I would wear it as an accent scarf with my clothing. I have NO IDEA however, what do do with it on my head. I wish I did. 
Good thing the website offers a hand-dandy tying guide!

So those were MY picks.
What are yours?
Your pick could win you a $20 credit towards any item on the site in our giveaway. Many items are less than $20, so you can get them free. If you'd like a more expensive item, simply pay the balance. For a chance to win, simply visit and leave a comment here telling me what your favorite product is, with a link. I will choose one winner at random on Sunday, March 24th, after 12 pm. Tweet about this giveaway and either email me the link to the tweet or post it in the comments section for an additional bonus entry.

In addition, as an extra gift to all my blog readers, My Headcoverings is offering a special spring discount code. Simply enter the code "SPRING11" at checkout, for 11% off your entire purchase.

So go forth and shop! :)
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rbtzn said...

I'd buy a pearl crochet snood!

rbtzn said...


Ahuva B said...

I love the colors of this one!

Maya Resnikoff said...

I'd buy either a hidden height (, or a striped beret with a ruffle ( The former is something I've been thinking about getting for a while. The latter would be a change for me- I'm not too good at hats, and would like a chance to try wearing a serviceable one that I wouldn't have to worry about fitting my hair into.

Rochel S said...

I like the Chenille Snoods! Love all the colors it comes in!

Rochel S said...

tweeted giveaway

Debbie said...

One of my daughters could make good use of this gift certificate. I'm a sheitel wearer and am more into earrings. Beautiful ones on this site. I like the Pearl Chandelier Earrings, . I don't do twitter. :(

Scraps said...

I like this winter hat. It's pretty, and I look good in hats.

LifetimeReader said...

I love the watercolor scarf:

There are so many beautiful scarves to choose from!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Definitely a hidden height cotton undercover. This is something that has been on my shopping list for some time!

YW said...

I want to win a contest so I am choosing this Sequin Womens Beret I cannot say that I ever wore this but I like the looks of it.

Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez said...

I'm torn between the Sheer Floral Oblong Tichel with Fringes ( and the Helen's Hats: Striped Beret with Ruffle on the Side( both are super fun and cute, and I'm noticing a lack of purple in my covering collection!
(and to everyone who wants a volumizer, good choice!)

Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez said...


G6 said...

YW -
You won!
Please contact me so that I can set you up with your prize.
Good Moed.