Thursday, February 1, 2007

On Hot Dogs and Roast Potatoes

What is it about Thursday night dinners?
It's the only night of the week in my house when you can be sure of the menu. Hot dogs and roasted potatoes.
Originally this began because it was an easy dinner with minimal prep, that left me more time for shabbos cooking. Who knew it would become a fixture in its own right?
It became a way to meet and give family atmosphere to "starving dorm boys" - so much so that whenever Binny gets married, we joke that I'm making his Thursday night Sheva Brochos and I'm serving - what else? - hot dogs and potatoes.
When Erica would come home for the weekend from Seminary, what do you think she wanted waiting for her on cold Thursday nights? I think she even instituted the tradition at her boarding family's house in Cleveland.
So back to my original question. What is it about this dinner? The comfort food factor? The routine? My EXCELLENT potatoes? An early TGIF factor?
[ And why am I the only one eating eggplant parmesan ;) ]

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CM said...

Where's the recipe?? I would love this. I think it is a comfort food for sure.