Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bas Mitzvah Mania

We are now 2 1/2 months away from Jennifer's bas mitzvah.
Jennifer has been planning for this occasion for the last 11 years 9 1/2 months.
Where did the time go?

Please understand that in our family, bas mitzvah events are low key affairs, appropriate for the significance of the milestone. There will be a home cooked party for her friends and classmates.
There will be no big catered affair with "facilitators" dressed in black lycra dresses and copper spangled bolero jackets.... no bunny ears prizes... no ten piece professional band.... no helium balloon sculptures large enough to launch the entire population of Nebraska into the stratosphere....
However, this doesn't stop Jen from agonizing about every tiny detail and of course, true to female form, changing her mind every 36 hours.
If she's this intense over her bas mitzvah, I seriously think we should let her elope one day ;)


Something Different said...

What about a princess cake? will there be one of those? :-p

G6 said...

SD -
Princess cake decorating (miniature ones) was actually a party activity idea, oh, let's see.... 3 weeks / 4 ideas ago, lol.....

Something Different said...

LOL! I am starting to chap why surprise parties are so good.... ;-)

Staying Afloat said...

Cutie pie!

So, how does one get the barbie into the cake? Do you shove it in and then ice around it?

Also, this year in early January I'm looking forward to a dramatic recitation video from her, in place of her stellar singing.

G6 said...

Staying Afloat -
You made both Jen and I smile :)
The doll cake is a Wilton product. You can get doll picks at any decorating supply place, but they also come with the kit. The whole skirt is cake. I make them for birthdays and Shabbos Kallahs (ask SD... I'll gladly email u pix ;) )
Regarding New Years, you are very sweet and funny. Unfortunately, due to my husband's aveilus, the annual talent night will have to be cancelled :( {some of us could use an extra 12 months to prepare anyway, lol....}