Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avram's Got a Bravo

You might have an iPhone or a Blackberry, but look out technology buffs! Avram's got a brand new Bravo!! (though he only gets to keep it for 48 hours....)

"What's that?", you ask. It's a super cool new technology to constantly monitor his esophageal acid. Basically, they implant a capsule sized device directly on to his esophagus and it stays there and monitors the conditions and transmits the data to a device he wears on his belt for two days. In a few days, the device sloughs off and passes harmlessly through his system (Jen wants him to look out for it so she can see it..... yikes....).

Watch an explanatory video here.

So the next time you pass Avram on the street, ask him to tell you his current acid level (but please be prepared to host me in your home for the evening {grin}...).


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the phrase TMI? :)

efrex said...

(the squeamish should skip this comment)

Pretty nifty! The Lovely Wife(tm), a long-time GERD sufferer, had to go through the previous version of this test, which involved a probe being threaded through her nose into her throat. This sounds a lot less uncomfortable and unsightly.

World Traveller said...


teacher said...

traveler has one "l"

efrex said...

(I really shouldn't bother, but I can't resist)

Teacher: "traveller" is perfectly acceptable, although more common in British usage. I personally find that usage more aesthetically appealing, and routinely have to update my @#!$# spell-checker to stop correcting me on that issue.