Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey, It May Be Dirtier In New York, But At Least It's FREE!

Welcome to Switzerland, sir !
How can I help you?

Oh, you need to use the restroom? No problem. That'll be 1 Franc (appx. $1 nowadays) please.

What's that? Oh, you wanted to have a toilet that you can sit on?
Sure... right this way.... that'll be 2 Francs please.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Oh hell yeah! I remember that restroom from my trip to switzerland. And the exchange rate sucks too.

Simchas Olam said...

But it's not JUST a bathroom! It's a McClean! That's like a McDonalds only kosher! And completely inedible!

tembow said...

in london they have some like too, where you have to pay and go thru this kind of turnstile thing... it must b european to pay for restrooms :)

enjoy your trip!!

ProfK said...

I can just see a mother with a three-year-old as she frantically says "hold it in!" while she fumbles for change. The inside of the space might be "McClean" but I shudder to think of what the floor on the outside might look like.

Anonymous said...

Go on the floor, those Europeans killed the Jews.

Anonymous said...

I've never paid for a bathroom and I never will. :)