Friday, November 5, 2010

BONUS EDITION: Food Photo Friday - Buttercream Transfer

This Food Photo Friday comes to us courtesy of DD1 (dear daughter 1), who obviously learned a thing or two at home... and I don't mean about cooking and baking either.... I mean about the way to show people in your life how important they are to you!

FSIL (favorite son-in-law.... currently also ONLY son-in-law, but why quibble....) is an aspiring architect and this semester he is figuratively eating, sleeping and breathing THIS BUILDING

I suppose that in Erica's quest to show her husband that she supports him in all of his endeavors, she thought that she'd attempt to recreate it on a birthday cake so that he could literally eat this project as well.

She used a technique called buttercream transfer and these are the amazing results.




Anonymous said...

Coolest cake ever! I definitely want to try that! Thanks for sharing!

ProfK said...

I think you have an apple that isn't falling too far from your tree--pat on your back deserved and on Erica's as well.

Anonymous said...

Forget your son-in-law. Your daughter should be the architect (or artist)! Very impressive.

fond of architects said...

awesome. and looks yummy. buy stocks in windex and hope the birds don't fly traffic patterns in the direction of that stunning house...;)

tembow said...

wow, super cool cake! i think i'm going to have to try buttercream transfers now :)

Sheva said...

this is amazing!