Friday, February 4, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Susie vs. Jamie

I made this yummy concoction LAST WEEK (that little note is for those people who might be tempted "drop by" for dessert "on their way to learning", based upon my Food Photo Fridays. I mean, not that this week is anything to sneeze at - we've got Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mousse Pie on the menu).

Susie Fishbein's Teens and Twenty Somethings had a tempting recipe for Chocolate Tart In Pretzel Crust. Unfortunately for us "desserts only on Shabbos" folks, it was dairy and "Parve-izing" it would involve changing too many major ingredients for my liking.

A friend of mine said she had tried Jamie Geller's (of Quick and Kosher fame) Chocolate Pretzel Crust Tart, but found the crust too crumbly and not staying with the tart.

So I decided to have a Susie/Jamie throwdown!
Susie's crust filled with Jamie's parve chocolate filling.
The results?

Well let's just say that by the time Shalosh Seudos rolled around I had to stand guard at the fridge to ensure that there'd be something to photograph after Shabbos!!!

Stay tuned.
There may be a bonus SECOND edition of Food Photo Friday today!

UPDATE: I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that all this talk of chocolate tarts in pretzel crust created a craving in me that I couldn't ignore. After I wrote this post, I decided to make this again this week in addition {sheepish grin}.


BLD said...

I am confused

Mrs. S. said...

Looks yummy!
Can you share the recipe, please? At least for the filling? (As you know, I have the crust recipe... :-) )

!חודש טוב ושבת שלום ומבורך

Yekke Wannabe said...

Mrs S - I'm sure you use Susie Fishbein's cookbook that you won in the contest.

itsagift said...


Merging two recipes to get it to work is a great idea :-D

Hadassah said...

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mousse Pie.... I made it for the first time last week and it went over so well. Pie and Chocolate - in any form - how can you go wrong!

SHabbat SHalom!

Mrs. S. said...

@Yekke Wannabe - Yup! :-) Shavua tov and chodesh tov!

Laura said...

This looks fantastic. I guess chocolate pretzel tarts must be a new "thing" if Jamie and Susie both have recipes for it.

G6 said...

Mrs. S. -
Thanks to Jamie and Hadassah (thanks for responding guys!), the recipe has now been put online for your convenience.
It can be accessed by clicking here.

Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget said...

Great dessert minds think alike! The filling was definitely a winner. I wonder how it would be in a regular crumb crust?

G6 said...

Mara -
My sister made it that way and said it was amazing.
I myself love the perfect marriage of sweet and salty that chocolate and pretzels bring, so I wouldn't change the crust for anything!