Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scene Around Town

I have no idea what they're doing here, but it's VERY loud and close to my home. Now that the windows are open again, I can fully enjoy the constant chattering of drilling into concrete.
I'd like to know what is going on and when it will be done.
Anybody have the inside scoop?


Y W said...

I was hoping the Kehillo bought the land and are building affordable housing apts. so that young couples who want to live here have a place to live.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the foundation and cement wall have a crack and are to fixing it.

BLD said...

Contact your city councilman(woman)

Anonymous said...

I could really empathize.

When I was expecting my first (and still had the luxury of sleeping late when I dealt with morning sickness), some neighbors in the building over were adding extensions to their apartments.

They used to begin drilling at 6 a.m. - literally - which to me at that point was like three in the a.m.

Now that my kids are up at the crack of dawn anyway, I probably would appreciate the built-in babysitting construction sites tend to be for my son.

Hope things improve really soon!


YW said...

Looks like they built a playground behind the fort wash building.