Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Way for the Kitsch.....

While I should be on a lowfat diet in preparation for all the oil soaked delicacies I am about to indulge in to celebrate a miracle that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with stuffing one's face, I find myself doing nothing of the sort.

I do find myself rummaging through designated "Chanukah Drawers and Shelves" to locate all the necessary 'accouterments' that grace our home. To that end, the dreidels and gelt are happily swinging from the light fixture, assorted other dreidels are scattered throughout the house on mirror tops and decorative platters, menorahs have been polished, sentimental home-made dreidel signs nearly a quarter century old have been posted on the front door and I have managed to locate one menorah pin and two NON-MATCHING menorah earrings (sigh....).


Anonymous said...

Go ahead, dare to be different. 'Tis a festival, after all, celebrating our people's daring to be different. Wear the mismatched earrings and see if anyone notices. If anyone does who has not read this blog, I'll make you a batch of latkes. If no one does, you make me a batch. Do we have a deal?

Wait--just how different are these earrings? if one's a 3-mm gold stud and the other a three-inch multicolored chandelier, all bets are off.

We also have to negotiate how many latkes constitute a "batch".

G6 said...

Anonymous -

I was tempted to "mix and match" before you even suggested it.

Now in regards to your bet - how would you plan on making the latkes swap? With a PAPER BAG over your head ;)??

Anonymous said...

For sure. Fried food makes my face break out.