Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Think They LOOK Good? They Tasted EVEN BETTER!!!


nmf #7 said...

Love the Latke server :D

itsagift said...

Where'd you find that serving knife? It's great :) I'd love to buy it for someone as a chanukah gift! (for next year if I'm too late for this year...)

And those latkes do look delicious. Can I get an e-latke?

G6 said...

They're pretty ubiquitous this time of year.
Google "latke server".
Oh Nuts! carries them.
Amazon carries them and various Judaica and candy stores do as well. But prices vary widely so caveat emptor ;)

Anonymous because I'm embarrassed said...

Man you have one vocabulary I don't know half of the words you use, what does ubiquitous mean?

Anonymous said...

It's an elegant way to say "shut up". Just kidding. It's an elegant way to say "it's everywhere."

G6 said...

Present, appearing, or found everywhere: "his ubiquitous influence".

Anon b/c Emb: Nothing to be embarrassed of. "Ain HaBayshon Lomed"

I learned to treasure and use our English language's varied vocabulary (among other things) at my father's knee. Many a Friday night meal was punctuated by phrases such as, "Go get the dictionary" - or more likely - "Ach not that dictionary! The Oxford English Dictionary" [which for those of you who don't know, came in TWO volumes with a MAGNIFYING GLASS in a drawer in it's case]).

Thanks for affording me another warm and fuzzy "Daddy Memory".