Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glatt Kosher - Glatt Yoshor! *

This was a very famous quote attributed to Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer, whose 32nd yahrzeit is today.

Isn't it ironic that a website which posted a very lovely article today about this amazing Torah personality, that originally appeared in the Jewish Observer, chose to insert THIS PICTURE, which is in the public domain, yet had the audacity to stamp their own logo on top of it, as if to say that the rights are theirs.

Furthermore, when I submitted a comment questioning the right to this photo, my comment was edited to only show my appreciation of the article, with my question omitted.

Is THIS the type of behavior the Rov stood for??!?

*See "A Unique Perspective", published by The Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer Foundation, printed by Feldheim Publishers.

(It might be interesting to note that this website has a history of this type of behavior. They have used photos of MINE in the past without asking permission or at the very least crediting the source)


WCY said...

chervesp CLsocaG6- Thanks for posting the article. I forwarded it to Mrs. Rita Slomovitz's niece in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the article, Mrs. Slomovits posting and the kind comment about Mr. and Mrs. Slomovits to her niece in Los Angeles.

Mark said...

There are people (including the aforementioned site) that have no clue what yoshor means. They're too busy being (or at least looking) frum.

BLD said...

First of all its not the best picture in the world. Second, who really cares that much. Third why don't we learn his seforim instead of worrying about his picture. What about a Seder of learning HIS seforim ? I do. The Collected Speeches are great!

YW said...


Do you want to have a Seder?

YW said...

They used your picture again without crediting you.