Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scene Around Town - Sunset In Ft. Tryon Park

This is the perfect time of year to head out to Ft. Tryon Park at sunset. As the birds give their final calls for the day and the leaves rustle in the trees, the lamps begin to light as the sun sets over the Hudson River.
If you haven't gone out there yet, I suggest you do.

And don't forget to stop at this sign and smile.
It's meant to keep people from plucking the beautiful array of flowers which include, lilacs, peonies, roses, tulips and much, much more.
I prefer to think of it as a metaphor for life.


Mark SoFla said...

So beautiful!!!

YDL said...

בָּרוּךְ שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה
Today I had the privilege to purchase the newest and last collected writings from R' Hirsch!

BLD said...

Can you imagine what it is like on Yom Kippur at this time ? But of course everyone is in shul

WCY said...

Do the non-jewish wedding processions still go from the church on 181th St. and Ft. Washington up to Ft. Tryon Park for pictures on Saturday afternoons?