Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shavuos Flowers Go Up At KAJ - Repost

Some things bear reposting year after year.
This video is one of them...

Thanks to all the blog readers (and others, of course) who have donated so generously to make this happen. Even those of you who live more than TEN THOUSAND miles away... (you know who you are)

The work commenced last night and will continue until shortly before Yom Tov begins.

{If you happen to be readers of a certain Jewish magazine, you may find an article published there this week about my husband and what he does in this regard for Yom Tov}

1 comment:

FBB said...

I never read " a certain Jewish magazine" until Shabbos, but I made an excepetion this week after reading the post. You even made an "appearance!"
Great job!