Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Photo Friday - Sweet & Tart Summer Refresher

Hot summer Friday nights simply beg for cool, refreshing desserts.
I love the look of this one:
Trader Joe's Vanilla Soy Cream (I have no stock in the company, but on this product alone, I should! You'll never TOUCH Toffuti ever again....) topped with fresh blueberries. On the side is my quick and easy Strawberry Rhubarb dessert - crisp and tart, which a few diced peaches for color.

So save room for dessert! Or better yet - eat if first!!!


ESF said...

Yummy and delicious!

ZP said...

It was absolutely delicious!!

Shavuah tov,

itsagift said...

Hey, that's MY secret! Dessert in the middle of the meal...because by the time the meal is done there's no room for dessert :-)

These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I'm sure everything tastes just as good as they look (if not better :) ).