Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scene Around Town - July 4th Edition

I've been neglecting you.
I've been meaning to post about events and activities going on around town this summer.
I have been taking photos so I may still post them in the future, but last night's fireworks display must jump to the top of the line.
I made a new discovery (after last years discovery how to avoid the long wait in Manhattan).
This year I wanted to view fireworks from closer up.
I wanted to "feel the boom", not just see the show (... fun science experiment though. Since light travels faster than sound, there is a noticeable delay between each flash and that heart thumping "boom").
So we went out to Hudson Park, on Echo Bay in New Rochelle.
We were right under the explosions.
One of the most amazing moments though was watching an airplane cross our field of vision just as a particularly full round of fireworks were launched. What it must have looked like to those passengers!
See the video below. The plane crosses the screen at the very beginning about 3/4 of the way down the frame.

It sure beats this year's San Francisco Display......

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Anonymous said...

I witnessed the fireworks on July 4th 2011 of the entire east coast down to Atlanta in an airplane and it was by far the coolest shows ever! To answer what it was like for the passengers it had to be amazing!