Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happier addendum to my earlier post ,
(or: Great Minds Think Alike)

A short while ago I posted A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes, detailing how one never knows on a given day what is to come on that same day in the future.
Interestingly, my mechutan echoed these same feelings in his speech over Shabbos lunch, though with a much happier parallel, I am pleased to say.
You see, this was the 33rd anniversary of his marriage to his lovely wife and he found it quite poignant that he never envisioned 33 years ago that on this same day in the future he would be surrounded by his family celebrating such a simcha.
The future holds WONDERFUL, unfathomable things. I like to believe that most will be joyous.
This morning my younger daughter woke up teary eyed that, with the completion of this special Kiddush Weekend, all the "good stuff" is now over. I told her that I prefer to think it has just begun!

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