Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sometimes it's the little things....

As I've mentioned several times already, 2 1/2 weeks ago, I experienced the life-altering event of becoming a grandmother.
It didn't quite sink in at first. I knew I loved reaching this milestone. I revelled in holding baby Kayla in my arms. And yet, it all felt rather surreal. It hadn't quite "sunk in".
Until this weekend. This weekend was Kayla's "Kiddush Shabbos" (because we all know that no girl can possibly ever hope to get married if her parents haven't made her a "girl kiddush" {insert eye roll here}). In any case - and slightly off topic - it was WONDERFUL!! Moshe's parents came in from England, his sisters and niece/nephews from Toronto and Brooklyn (with traffic who knows which took longer, lol), my brother from Passiac, my mother from Bnei Brak and (Shadchan) Lester (already in from Amsterdam but walked in from Woodmere which should've taken about an hour but took Lester 1.5 hours....). It felt like a Shabbos Sheva Brochos at every meal. The atmosphere was amazing. The zemiros, the laughter, the banter..... the whole feeling.... was indescribable.
But I digress..... This weekend, for the first time I felt like a grandmother. "What did it?", you ask?A little tiny placecard. A placecard that read simply "Oma G". Up until 2 weeks ago, my placecards always read "Mommy". Oma G was my mother in law. Seeing that placecard - realizing that Oma G is now ME..... THAT drove the point home. NOW I truly feel like a grandmother. And yes, I saved the placecard :)