Tuesday, November 25, 2008

History - our vast early warning system

I was prompted by ProfK's post, which I consider almost a cautionary tale, to air my views on the way history is taught today.
I would love to see the implementation of an integrated curriculum for General and Jewish History in Yeshivos.
Our history did not occur in a vacuum. What was going on in the rest of the world at the time of Rashi? The Rambam? How did seemingly unrelated world events shape our Jewish History? Not only do I believe that it provides important perspective but it would also make history more palatable for those who find it difficult to swallow.
Just my two cents..... stepping off my soapbox now......

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Meir said...

First, you are assuming that Jewish schools actually teach Jewish history altogether. How I wish that were true.

Second, general history and Jewish history are both such large topics that combining them, I think, is not wise. I do think, however (in line with what you wrote), that providing background when teaching Jewish History is very, very important. Actually you can't really learn Jewish History properly without doing so.