Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Thinks This Stuff Up???

Sometimes I wish I could get into people's brains so I could follow their thought processes.

Jen's school has instituted a new program entitled "Bas Melech", designed to teach the girls tznius in a comprehensive way, not only in dress but in action as well - - - what it truly means to be the daughter of a King. It is an exciting endeavor, being taught in a fun and interesting manner and those who conceived and executed it should be commended. (Please bear that in mind when I digress a bit and poke some fun...)

Now obviously somebody thought that "Team Tznius" could use a mascot. Doesn't every team rally around a good mascot?
What was chosen to be the ICON of the Bas Melech program, you ask? The symbol plastered along the walls of the school building, on notebooks, flyers, etc. and recreated in three dimensional effigy to continually inspire our girls?
Mr. Potato Head. {I kid you not}
Would somebody please explain to me why a NAKED MALE POTATO is the most fitting available representation of a Bas Melech?


Mikeinmidwood said...

You have a point.

rickismom said...

a very good question.....

The Babysitter said...

do you have a picture of it? I would be curious to see how it looks and then I would try to think of a reason.