Monday, January 26, 2009

Who Are You Calling Old??!?

The following email exchange occurred between Erica, her father and myself today, after she thanked us profusely for doing her the tiniest of favors.....

Email from Mom to Erica & Dad:
Dear Erica,

You really gotta keep in mind how much us "old fogies" like to feel
"useful" to our grown children.
Helps us not feel quite so obsolete ;)

Love, Mom

Email from Dad to Erica & Mom:
Speak for yourself, old fogies indeed! Sheesh!

Email from Mom to Erica & Dad:
Coming from the guy who can't even HEAR.....
p.s. Got your reading glasses on right now to see this, dontcha???
I thought so ;)

Email from Dad to Erica & Mom:
Ha ha, very funny. Of course I have my glasses on. :)

(Erica is now saying to herself "Okay guys leave me out of this!")

Email from Erica to Mom & Dad: guys are funny tho :)......i wouldnt go so far as to say old foggies just yet - old foggies would be when you're at [insert name of unspecified, lovable friend who thankfully doesn't read blogs... but has been thinking about buying a "flaptop" for a while now...]  stage in life (i met her on the subway last week) when you're admitting that your outing downtown consists of going to get your left hearing aid tuned :)

Email from Mom to Erica & Dad:
So what do you call it when you are so old that a funny email from your daughter
makes you laugh super hard out loud and all you can think about is making sure
not to lose bladder control.....


Email from Erica to Mom & Dad:
i call that - oy vey!

It's a good thing that at our age, the likelihood of us remembering this exchange by tomorrow is quite slim....

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