Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How We Prepare For Yom Tov

There are many things spiritual to be done in preparation for any Yom Tov, but as Jewish women all over the world know, there are also quite a number of more mundane, physical arrangements to be made.
In contrast to previous generations, larger and larger numbers of women are in the workforce, necessitating a careful juggling act in order to pull everything off without a hitch.
I'm so glad that the heat has abated somewhat. It makes marathon back-to-back challah baking sessions just a bit more bearable.
Ten pounds of bread flour later, I am feeling very accomplished ;)


Mikeinmidwood said...

I always wonder how those working mothers mange to cook all that food, then iI heard of deep freezers.

BLD said...

Plucking chickens was work too !

ProfK said...

You definitely deserve a pat on the back--the challahs look scrumptious. Hope the weather holds for tomorrow--you got me in a baking mood.

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried freezing b/f baking and then pulling out what you need b/f yontif and baking (that way it is fresh tasting). I have never done it and was wndering if the challah will rise and taste the same.

PinkDevora said...

Good for you! Those challas look fantastic. I really need to do some cooking over. The "holiday" weekend.

Love your blog!

Staying Afloat said...

They do look beautiful. Your blog shows really well how you get your household into the mindset of Yom Tov as it approaches.
Are they water challahs?

G6 said...

Anonymous -
I have indeed tried it that way, but frankly, I prefer my way for "fresh from the oven" taste. As soon as the challah cool completely, I wrap them well in Press n Seal and freeze. Erev Shabbos/Yom Tov, I remove them from the freezer, wrap them in foil, and put in the oven to 'warm' during shul. Voila! Fresh from the oven taste ;)

PinkDevora - I'm so glad that you enjoy this blog, and doubly glad that you took the time to comment. It is very informative and helpful to see which posts people appreciate. Good luck to you and ProfK on your baking ventures :)

Staying Afloat -
Your comment made me smile SO wide because it shows me that you really get it - you get why I do what I do and why I blog about it. I feel so totally validated :)
Oh, and though I have made them in the past, these are not water challos. It's harder to get that "fresh from the oven" taste on those for very long (and they're not too great with the great gobs of honey I like either....)

Shosh said...

I have big plans to do this next week!