Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shabbos Wrap Up

The autumn winds blew in a fresh crop of students, singles and young people moving or contemplating moving into the neighborhood over the past few weeks. That is how we ended up with such a lively Friday night table.

For the purposes of this post, I will name our guests, "Tuedsay", "Wednesday", "Thursday" and "Friday (afternoon)", based on the point at which they secured themselves a place at our table.

"Tuesday" appeared at my door shortly after I lit Shabbos candles, on his way to shul with rivulets of water STREAMING down his forehead due to the torrential rain outside. In his hand he triumphantly held up a platter of brownies and zebra cookies for dessert. This because after he mangled his finger last week while preparing his Shabbos, I commented that men shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. Though his offerings were tasty (I'll hand him that....) I must remind all my readers that his finger was still secured with not one but TWO Band-Aids.....

"Wednesday" spent the early part of the meal flaunting his knowledge of our family's inner workings and idiosyncrasies. We like our guests to feel right at home and he seems to have managed that quite admirably.

"Thursday", listening to "Wednesday", kept asking, "Are you sure he's only been here once before??".

"Friday (afternoon)" just sat there in the beginning with an impish grin on his face, a bit overwhelmed. But what else can you expect from someone who doesn't seem to get the pattern that Shabbos comes the same day every week ;) (just kidding "Friday". We really enjoyed your company and hope that if you choose to move to the Heights that we will be seeing more of you).

But seriously, once everybody got going the atmosphere was amazing and the cross talk was deafening.

All in all, it's been quite a while since we've had such a lively mix (did it have something to do with the three empty wine bottles now in my kitchen? You decide....) and the lights stayed on the whole time and NOBODY fell asleep!


tnspr596/Tuesday said...

For the record, Wednesday said that we would drop off the housegift on the way to shul, but I had originally planned to drop it off shortly after arriving in the Heights, while still wearing clothing that could handle some rain. Next time I'm going to stick with my plan!

The only reason I had two band-aids was because one band-aid on the top of my finger just didn't stay on - the second one secures the first one.

It's a good thing I didn't get lazy and just bring some Jelly Bellies or some other candy! Had I known that we were having 8 guests, I would have reallocated some of the desserts (my lunch meal had only 5 people in total, and I could have given a bit less to Wednesday). Maybe next time I'll just come early and make them at Wednesdays' apartment.

Off to the cleaners on Monday with my suit and tie...

Wednesday said...

Call me Friday!! I like that day of the week better!!!

G6 said...


I don't usually have "Fridays" at my table unless they are "Friday (with a family member in the hospital)" which I certainly don't wish on anyone.

I strongly feel that, barring unusual circumstances beyond one's control, everybody davens each day:
".... היום יום ______ לשבת"
which is a pretty good indicator as to where one is holding in the scheme of the week.
I work hard to make sure that your Shabbos experience at my table is the best it can be. I appreciate the courtesy of your giving this hostess with a full-time job enough advance notice that she can do just that.

Wednesday said...

I try to give you a big heads up don't worry- and I don't cut my fingers while I am doing it!
Thank you soo much for having us!!

tnspr569/Tuesday said...

I may have cut my finger, but at least I wasn't wasting my time on the phone with a certain company, instead of delivering the housegift for the Friday night meal! I took one for the team that evening!