Monday, September 21, 2009

Rosh Hashana Wrapup - Uplifting All Around

Let me begin by saying at the outset that our Yom Tov was positively awesome and awe inspiring.

We began on Friday night with guests who have joined us for many a Rosh Hashana meal in the past. The table was resplendant draped with a tablecloth that belonged to Avram's Great-greatgrandmother. The apples were sweet, thanks in large part to the lovely honey dish on Avram's side of the table and supplemented heavily with the "Shalom Bayis" honey dish on my end. You see, Avram (who serves the challah/apples/figs/dragon fruit/pomegranates/rambutans) believes in the "tiny dip" method, while I ascribe to the "slather it on" mentality. This used to cause some tensions in the G6 house, until said second honey dish solved all the problems. Isn't compromise a wonderful thing :D ?

We davened at the minyan where Avram was Baal Mussaf and I must say that this contributed greatly to my kavanah. The tefillos were uplifting and dignified (kudos to Dr. Greunkern for his beautiful shacharis).

I kind of missed the shofar on the first day, though I did hear rumblings of people not sorry to hear a bit fewer "Avinu Malkeinus" ;)

We had many enjoyable meals with family devouring all the special yom tov delicacies.

To update you on the שהחינו fruits:
  • Dragon Fruit makes a stunning presentation when cut like this. It tastes like a very bland kiwi. Nothing offensive.... nothing delicious.
  • Rambutan taste a lot like lychee nuts (or very bland grapes with a seed inside....). I liked them.
  • Figs were deliciously sweet as usual.
  • My pomegranate was not the best I've ever seen once cut, but as my mother always used to say, "I don't sit in it...". Truthfully it tasted fine. I've just seen looking nicer ones.
After mincha on the second day, we all embarked on the uphill trek to make Tashlich. Though I've lived in the same neighborhood my whole life, the favored location for discarding sins has changed over time, due in part to the changing demographics of the neighborhood. The spot we've been going to in recent years though, has quite a bit of foliage blocking my view of the water when just a few short blocks away, you can see this. I gingerly mentioned that perhaps we should consider this new destination since I'd hate to have my sins ricochet off the trees and "thunk" on to the highway below. "But nobody goes there!", one child exclaimed. Did I miss something in 'Sefer Hilchos Tashlich'? Apparently people are the critical factor... water? Not so much...... Who knew?? Compromise saves the day once again. We walked up with "all the people" and passed our usual spot as we walked on to my suggested location that was, lo and behold, full of people as well! An easy shot for my heavy load.

Well, that's it in a nutshell, coming from my food-starved brain...... and as the Yekkes say, "Beis Gut An".... (break your fast well).

If you're still looking for more, Frum college girl has a nice wrapup post of her own. Head on over there for more "feel good" sentiments.


Anonymous said...

that dragon fruit looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Dragon Fruit makes a stunning presentation when cut like this. It tastes like a very bland kiwi. Nothing offensive.... nothing delicious.

Exactly what we thought last year (or maybe the year before?) and what I wrote in my comment on your previous entry about the dragonfruit ("guess the fruits" post)!

It definitely looks great, but taste - ahhh, nothing special.