Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is It Just Me Or....

The following is a random cooking rant so all non-foodies can tune out now.
(Or ask your wives... I'd appreciate it.)

Is it just me or have the "heimishe" brands (one {expensive one} in particular) of frozen spinach been slowly adding more and more water to their product lately? If so, are they charging us for water weight??!!?


cuzzin buzzin said...

heimish brands are heimish in their jewish company name ONLY. not in their business practices.

what about juice containers which are smaller at the same cost? they are companies who are in business to make money. once you take the heimishe out of the company, it's all about clever marketing.

have you seen the new milk company? MACHMIRIM.

is that sick or what?

Yekkishe Bekishe said...

As my father O"bm - his 7th Yahrzeit is this evening - quoted his teacher in the Munich Hebrew School,"zu fiehl Chumraus macht ein Chamaur!"

G6 said...

Cuzzin -

Not only have I seen it, I posted about it nearly a year ago.

The follow-up problem with the "heimishe" companies (and I agree with you about the limitations of the word, hence my use of quotation marks even in my original blog post) is that if you are dissatisfied, you have no recourse. Whereas "traditional" companies pride themselves on customer service, there is virtually NONE in the heimishe circles.

Yekkishe Bekishe -

That's a GREAT quote!

FBB said...

I don't know about the water, but lately the spinach comes out in little balls!

And my BIGGEST pet peeve on this topic is "kosher" broccoli cuts, that have no florets. THE BUGS AREN'T IN THE STEMS!!!!!!!!! I buy the kosher florets and cut them (or zuzzz them) myself.

cuzzin buzzin said...

zuzzz is not a word. nor the name of an appliance

G6 said...

Yes, FBB -

My complaint is with the brand that now comes out as little pellets.

I think they add water to make those shapes and are charging us for the water.

It's just so frustrating.

Re: "zuzz"... is that a family word of yours? Never heard of it.

ProfK said...

Definitely more water being added. My recipe for spinach kugel now requires more bread crumbs to absorb the extra liquid.

FBB said...

Zuzz, is a colloquial term for using a handblender.

When I cut my finger using this appliance, everyone in the doctor's office had a similar term for it.

Anonymous said...

omg FBB - i also cut my finger on my handblender once and have been emberassed abt it for years! i cant beleive anyone else made the same mistake as me!!

G6 - i hate that these "heimeshe" brands are finding new ways to charge us more. just be honest and say that the products costs more or that they want a higher profit margin. it is just not right to decieve consumers by inflating the prices!

Mystery Woman said...

All that water may be because of whatever method they use to wash it and get rid of the bugs. And, yeah...we're probably paying for that water weight.

cuzzin buzzin said...

MYSTERY WOMAN: not probably, you are. Let's get past the fact that they are frum owners. THEY ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY. PERIOD. which is of course their right

G6 said...

Cuzzin -
Every businessperson is in business to make money.
That doesn't give them the right to deceive their customers in order to achieve their goals.
When a package says 32 ounces of frozen spinach, the weight listed is supposed to be VEGETABLE WEIGHT.