Sunday, March 14, 2010

Individual Chocolate Fondue

My poor, long-suffering family. They were forced to endure this lovely dessert two weeks in a row because after the roaring success of my initial attempt, I was dismayed to realize that I had neglected to photograph it for blogging purposes (and we all know, that if we don't blog about it, it didn't happen.... ).

This simple combination is a delicious treat at the end of any Friday night meal. I simply melted good quality (think Swiss) chocolate with some "parve" milk (think chemical or soy... your choice) in a pyrex bowl and kept it warm until dessert time. I then served it spooned into stemmed glass bowls surrounded by cut strawberries, pineapple, grapes and bananas (not pictured since I wasn't prepared to cut them prior to serving). And the best part of these INDIVIDUAL fondues? Double dipping allowed!


Shosh said...

yum! this would be great for pesach too!

tembow said...

looks yum!
i'd come anytime

EJB said...

As a starving college student, I say there should be a rule against posting pictures of yummy food online.
In fact, there is a rule. It's called lifnei iver (of lo sachmod).

Baked Lecho Dodi (OU-P) said...

Ain Onu Matbilin Afilu Paam Echos!

G6 said...

EJB - Welcome to the blog!
BLD - Only OU-P??!? :P

EJB and BLD - LOL!
I prefer to think of it as "Mitoch Shelo Lishmo, Bo Lishmo" mixed with a bit of "Kol Dichfin ..." :D

EJB said...

Oooh wow, a personal welcome. On that note, post-lunch pre-dinner desert time.

BLD (OU-P) said...

Hello - your readers need Pesach stuff to read about !