Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog For A Brief Appendix...

I realize that I haven't posted in a few days but I've been quite busy and I have a lot of posts building in the vast wasteland of my mind.
"Cleaning for Pesach?", you ask.
No. But that's a rant post for another day.

History has a funny way of repeating itself. When I got married, I discovered that my in-laws had a long standing tradition of always inviting a certain elderly lady to their sedorim. I was regaled every year with the story of how my in-laws' Dear Daughter 1 arrived at their doorstep on Erev Pesach one year with their brand new baby girl in tow. This newborn had never seen a bottle, let alone sucked on one, and was promptly deposited into my mother in law's bewildered arms. DD1 was going to the hospital with a kidney stone emergency. Hurried instructions were left to watch this tiny baby. My mother in law was more than a few years out of the childcare "business" and was nearing panic. She telephoned "Mrs. S" who had been a baby nurse for many years and begged her, "Please come spend Pesach with us and help us care for this infant!". "Mrs. S" came, did her magic, and thus began a tradition of tremendous Hakoras Hatov on the part of my in-laws. They never forgot this woman's generosity and recounted it year after year along with sipur yetzias mitzrayim as "Mrs. S" sat at the seder table.
Now granted - this week is not quite "Erev" Pesach, but on Monday night my own DD1 appeared on my doorstep with her 1 1/2 year old and 5 week old daughters (this newborn had also never laid eyes on a bottle) and set off to the hospital with acute appendicitis. I, being a bit younger than my mother in law was at the time of her story, was, with the help of Hashem and my darling husband, able to get back into the swing of 2 am feedings and diaper changes. But blogging? I was missing a few hands for that.
Boruch Hashem, my daughter is recovering slowly and we look forward to a refuah sheleima bekarov.

(I will be re-vacuuming Cheerios out from under the furniture in rooms that had already been cleaned..... posts may be a bit spotty....)


tesyaa said...

Refuah shlaima to your daughter; I can't imagine it's easy to have major abdominal surgery at just 5 weeks postpartum :(

ProfK said...

Youch. A full refuah shelaimoh for your daughter. And an extra dollop of energy for you to do what you have to do.

FBB said...

Refuah shelaima.

HSaboMilner said...

Refuah Shleimah - having had appendicitis I know how painful it is, I cannot imagine going through it 5 weeks after giving birth.

BLD (OU-P) said...

Refua Shlaima Bkorov. Good stories and good tsu-shtell. You'll laugh it about next year.

G6 said...

BLD (Weismandl) -

We are laughing already (well, not Erica... it still hurts to laugh).

You've gotta laugh in these situations and truthfully, there was a lot of chasdei Hashem in the fact that she got treatment in time. We are very cognizant of this.