Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Hill? I Didn't See Any Hill.....

I am not getting old.
I am not losing my hearing.
Kids today just mumble, that's all....

This certainly accounts for a recent exchange I had with Jennifer while leaving the house for work. She was holding some sea shells that she had thoughtfully brought back from camp for me to join the other junk toys/treasures that I keep on my desk.

"You know, these are from Lake Michigan"
"Yes, I did remember to turn off the air conditioner"
{Blank confused teenage girl stare}

Am I becoming my father??!?!?


Yekkishe Bekishe said...

This is called a "Senior Moment"! I have them all he time. Just ask my kids!

G6 said...

No Yekkishe Bekkishe -
A senior moment is when you arrive in a room and can't remember why you went there, or when you dial the phone and as soon as you hear it ringing on the other end, you can't remember who it was that you were calling.
Of course these things have never happened to ME PERSONALLY.... purely anecdotal evidence..... ;)

Jron said...

No we are not getting deafer (even though my family insists that is the case), it is definitely a teenage machala of talking in a mumbly non-coherent twang. Back in the 70s (or was it the 80s, I forget) we suffered through the pronunciation of the "valley girls". It has caught on and all our daughters have been affected! High pitched shrilly voices don't help. Speed of speech combined with the slur of vowels make it impossible for our mature brains to process the language thus spawned by our progeny. Wait, I get it. They are talking like they text. I don't fully understand that either... and that's in print!

We'll just have to suffer along and get to chuckle when they one day complain that they don't understand their children.

ProfK said...

Willing to bet, since you were heading out to work, that you were having a running conversation with yourself at the same time that your daughter was talking to you, a mental running down the checklist of everything you had to do in the house before you left, where you had to stop on the way to or from work, what you needed to take care of right when getting to work, what you needed to shop for to make Shabbos, who you needed to call to say happy birthday or whatever, what needed taking to the cleaners etc.

I refuse to see this as old age creeping up. It's just too much multi-tasking and lives that are seeming to get busier instead of calmer. The busier and more crammed your life is, the more likely that a non sequitor is going to pop up.

efrex said...

Senior moments, nothing... I have a senior life interspersed with "junior moments" (or should that be "freshman moments?" :) ) where I actually know what I'm doing at any given moment.

Something Different said...

You're not REALLY old untill you start lying about your kid's ages.