Sunday, June 26, 2011

Choir Of KAJ Celebrates the 100th Birthday of Mr. Salomon Koenigsberger

Mr. Salomon Koenigsberger, the oldest male member of K'hal Adath Jeshurun is about to celebrate his 100th birthday.

What birthday gift can one get for a 100 year old man? A personal visit and private performance from his beloved choir, whom he is unable to hear on a regular basis since he is currently residing in a senior citizen residence outside of Washington Heights.

Not only did Mr. Koenigsberger enjoy the music - he jumped right in and sang along.

At 100 years old, it is perfectly acceptable to upstage the announcer with greetings of your own!

Look how beautifully Mr. Koenigsberger joins in and sings his favorite Tzaddik Katomor!

We wish Mr. Koenigsberger many more years of good health and many more opportunities to sing along with the choir.


Hadassah said...

that was just so sweet.

Choir - sounding good and looking good!.

Um, Eric, Mr conductor man - you look so professional there with your hand motion thingies. Looking pretty snazzy too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Koenigsburger!!

Staying Afloat said...

This is what is so beautiful about Breuer's.

My daughter's Pre1A teacher likes to say that one amazing thing about frum Judaism is that the kids, even the little kids, can and do listen to the same music as their parents.

But here you are in Breuers, preserving traditions of generations past, including the things that may be non-halachic but are the things we often cling to and remember most- the minhagim, the niggunim. (I once hear Rabbi Mordechai Willig say that the most important thing to be careful about as a shliach tzibbur on yammim noraim is the niggunim of the kehillah).

So in Breuers, a group of younger men can sing songs that are meaningful and current for them, and also connect to a man twice their age, and all feel connected.

Yasher kochachem.

BLD said...

Beautiful what a Mitzvah