Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MY official start to summer begins...... NOW!

Ah, the "lazy hazy days" are upon us.

Summer is very much a sensory season.
First you feel the chill leave the air and the humidity rise.
Then you start to hear the gentle tinkling of the ice cream truck hawking its delights to young and old......
OK, OK - so I fib a little. Nobody likes the creeping humidity OR the sound of that infernal truck.... but allow me a brief interlude to wax nostalgic.
I think we can all agree that the smell of the barbeque grills firing up and the soft scent of sunscreen puts a smile on our faces and fills us with anticipation for the impending season.
But for me -
the OFFICIAL START to summer begins with the scent of....... jet fuel!
Jen flew off to camp today in the midst of high pitched squeals, giggles and quite a bit of haggling with the nice folks at United Airlines to seat the two chatterboxes next to each other, so as not to "disturb the other passengers".

Let me backtrack so that you get the picture. Jennifer's camp mate is her diametric opposite. Whereas last year, as camp was entering it's final week of fiestas and farewells, Jen was completely packed for the journey home 7 days early, her camp mate, on the other hand, was cheerfully and nonchalantly picking items off the clotheslines that she identified as her own, even as they were heading towards the bus to the airport. "Oh, look! That's mine" {stuffs in her bag} "Oh! That too :)" {tighter squeeze}
These two girls are perfectly suited for one another. One gives stability. The other gives lightness of being. Each can use a bit of the other.

True to form, as we were headed off - already a bit behind schedule - to the airport early this morning, camp mate arrived with her ever present smile, lugging a carry-on in one hand and a large stack of towels in the other..... and an additional girl in tow. I chuckled. I politely informed "extra girl" that I doubted she'd fit in Jennifer's carry-on - especially since Jen was by then busily stuffing her friend's TOWELS inside.

Apparently, they had not yet had their "official" good bye, which included the requisite group hug.

Teary-eyed teen goodbyes on the street gave way to joyful reunions with summer friends at the airport terminal. I fast became superfluous at best, an embarrassment at worst.

So I went home to begin MY summer. It's so quiet. The house phone won't ring for days on end. Wouldn't it be nice if I were able to carve out a little "me" time during my hectic work weeks? I have been heard to respond to those who ask, "How was your summer", with "Just like my winter, only hotter". I'd like to change that this year, but even if I don't manage it -

I've got a whole four weeks without THIS:


Mystery Woman said...

I'm one of those people who loves the heat!
My summer isn't that much different than the winter either. I'm still working exactly the same hours. But the quiet... I love it!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Family Guy makes it to the blog. How did you find the clip?

(Someone who has been described as a cross between the baby and the dog)

Eric said...

hmmm....is that 'already a bit behind schedule' leveled at anyone in particular?


Baked Lecho Dodi said...

Flying is a great way to avoid the traffic on Rte 17. Hatzlocho.

Anonymous said...

wow...that is one annoying clip.

Y W said...

I sure hope you are a better mom than Lois is.