Sunday, February 12, 2012


When answering sweet and well-meaning "You haven't blogged in a while. Are you okay?" emails begins to take up more time than actual blogging, it's time to sit down and write something ;)

Seriously. All the people who have stopped me on the street and emailed me from all over the world - you touch me deeply.

I'm fine.
I'm simply overwhelmed at work.

And it's such a pity too, because a LOT has happened that has been supremely bloggable.

a) We had the painters! I know, I know....
two years ago, I posted about "The Discussion". Namely, the discussion that happens every six months or so around our dinner table, about how badly we need to have the painters and about how I will do ANYTHING to avoid the experience.

Well, ladies and gentleman - though I do think that I've hit Guiness Book Of World Records status, after about 15+ years, I've been circumvented.


Don't worry - I made sure that nobody touched the linen closet door......
Oh, and there was that certain family member who decided to lean their ENTIRE SIDE along a wall of wet paint - hair, shirt, EVERYTHING.... there went a full bottle of paint thinner right there!

b) We had high school PTA conferences.... always good for some cynical blogging (maybe it's a good thing that I'm swamped at work after all......)

c) I made a few yummy recipes. Okay, okay - here's a photo of my wine soaked poached pears (which will definitely be revisited Pesach time) :

d) I've started planning for Purim, though nothing is set yet. For a "yekke" like me - this is bad. No costume idea. Invitations to seudah have been extended but not finalized. Shalach Manos is a distant vision.

I'll be back.
Bear with me.
I've got a little more paperwork and some hiring to do, and you'll see me around more often.
Thanks again for caring.
Your emails (even the ones I didn't get around to responding to...) supported me along the way more than you know.


BLD said...

Glad your back - we need Purim with you.

G6 said...

Do you want an invitation to seudah? :-P

YW said...

Welcome back!!! I really missed your posts.

Mystery Woman said...

Welcome back :).

ProfK said...

Glad to hear it was only real life getting in the way of posting. Welcome back.

FBB said...

Welcome back.

I thought the internet was broken.