Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-Purim Planning Progress (say THAT three times fast!)

We are getting closer to our Purim (the lighter "P word") festivities.
Remember that at our house, we strive to entertain you enough that you don't need to get dangerously wasted in order to have a good time & get a bit confused. {this might be an appropriate juncture to urge everyone NOT to drive with even a BIT of alcohol in their systems and to beg every parent to know WHAT their children are doing, WHERE and WITH WHOM throughout the day!}

That said, we have:
  • bought a few shalach manos essentials (you might expect me to be big into the "theme" thing, but I am quite the opposite),
  • baked three flavors of hamantaschen (prune, apricot and tart lemon),
  • managed to freeze several batches of haman men before they had their heads bitten off by hungry progeny,
  • extended invitations to Purim Seudah and received confirmations/responses from {cough, cough} most of them,
  • and now... the latest news... we have finally secured costumes! (no, I'm not going to tell you what they are, but I promise you that unlike last year, you will be able to recognize Avram when he walks into shul)

It seems that all I need now is the meat (not as easy as it sounds nowadays....) and wine corks (don't ask me why - just send them over if you have any to spare, o'kay......?).


Debbie said...

But, I NEED to know what you do with the wine corks! (I have quite a collection, but I don't think they'll get to you in time.)

ProfK said...

Lucky you that you got most responses for seudah. Apparently my invited guests still won't admit that Purim is coming. Okay, admit to being curious--just what are all those corks for?