Friday, February 24, 2012

Wishing Everyone A Golden Shabbos

It's all about compromise.
I'm not crazy about using the votive candles on the Shabbos table, because even though they look beautiful on Friday night, we can't move them on Shabbos morning when they've burnt out and the effect is lost.
Avram isn't as excited about using the gold charges as I am. He feels that they take up too much space on the table.
Don't they look lovely together though? Everybody wins. Everybody is happy.
I sure hope the Shabbos Malach enjoys the results.


Debbie said...

About the candles, they do look very nice, but what if you have to change the tablecloth? About the gold charges (I never knew that's what they're called) I have to agree with Avram. It does take up extra space, but if you have few enough place settings, like at this table, it doesn't look so cluttered yet. I was at a wedding the other night that had these huge square plexiglass ones raised up with little feet. I thought it looked weird, but I guess the families liked it.

G6 said...

Debbie -

That's one of my pet peeves about the candles... you can't change the tablecloth, but even moreso, they don't look so nice once they've gone out....

I love chargers and our table is a bit wider than the norm and I don't think they crowd anyone. (The designated dishwashers may have their own issues....)

Anonymous said...

ASk your LOR but if you put each one on a tray or plate, or mirror, or even charger with a piece of jewlery or something worth more than the candle, you would have a Basis for a dvar Assur and a davar mutar, allowing you to move it on Shabbos

YW said...

Are these the same chargers you use for Succos?

itsagift said...

I like the way the napkins are folded inside the cups...they look so nice that way. :)