Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Invited To Join The P.T.What? For Whom?!?!

They've gotta be kidding me!
When my first child entered pre-school, I'll admit that I donned those rose colored glasses and immersed myself in every parent/teacher/school/class/do good activity I could find.
Everything was so new and exciting.
I started out as "Classmother".
I soon served a stint on the PTA.
I made cold calls to raise funds.
I worked tirelessly on countless chinese auctions.
I attended/set up/cleaned up brunches and performances and graduations (some legitimate... others... well... whether or not nursery warrants a graduation is a whole other post).
I must admit though, that the novelty does wear off to some extent. After 14 years as Classmother, I 'retired' upon Michael's High School graduation and was more than happy to let a "younger" mother wear those pretty pink eyeshades when Jennifer's class was short a pair of hands. I still pitched in here and there - don't get me wrong. But there's just so much "rah rah" one can muster after nearly two decades and the realization that it's pretty much the same thing year after year. SSDK: Same stuff, different kid.

Fast forward to today. Three children have graduated college. My youngest is finishing up middle school. It's been a few years since I've chaperoned a trip to the zoo on the week of Parshas Noach.

Joey received a thick packet from law school this week, with lots of informative paperwork to read and rights to sign away.
I was most fascinated though by the "Family Information Form" which tauts the upcoming "terrific Sunday brunch for you and your parents" (their words, NOT mine) and details what I think is the kicker - the "Parents Council" which "looks forward to including your parents in the Law School community".

PTA for twenty-somethings?

I sure hope I'm not called upon to chaperone any time soon... I've sort of extended my workday hours since the kids were small...


itsagift said...

It's all a trick - to make you feel young again :-P

Yocheved said...

Actually, it's more like a trick to get you to give them money. I hope Joey enjoyed the cruise!