Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Kind Of Dating

My birthday(s) is/are coming up next week and that has gotten me thinking - a dangerous practice to be sure....

I've been told by people that I look younger than my chronological age (36...I have nothing to hide... ).

I have, on occasion, been mistaken for my daughter by acquaintences when she and I are not together, and for her sister by strangers when we are together {insert collective eye roll by my children here}.

Don't worry though. It appears that I 'date' myself in other ways.
It seems that I am the only person to still use the word "pocketbook" on occasion, and to still pay by check at the supermarket.
As techno savvy as I am, I don't text - - - EVER. (It makes me feel too "tween"-y).
I also don't use debit cards.
Oh, and I still hit the space bar two times after typing a period.

What dates you?


Dr. G. W. Greunkern said...

My back and knees, every morning...

Mystery Woman said... took me FOREVER to get out of that double space habit.

Happy Birthday!

G6 said...

Mystery Woman -

You DO realize that the "youn'uns" are still scratching their heads as to *WHY* we are doing it in the first place, don't you ;) ?

over 40 and proudofit said...

um.... I still do. why, we aren't supposed to anymore??

efrex said...

Really, isn't Yom Kippur supposed to put us in a somber enough mood as it is?

Things that date me (please note and appreciate that it is with great effort that I'm refraining from any comments about my ex-girlfriends):

* No texting - cell phones are for voice calls, and email is by computer.
* I take handwritten notes in cursive (not very GOOD cursive, mind you, but nonetheless)
* My siddur of choice is the Birnbaum or Rodelheim over the ArtScroll
* The record, cassette, and VHS collection
* Wistful recollections of the 1986 Mets
* Conversational cultural references to Saturday Night Live routines by Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, and Dana Carvey.
* I believe that "friend" is a noun and that "tweet" is a sound made by birds.
* Still care about proper grammatical usage of "who" vs. "whom" and "its" vs. "it's"
* "Star Trek" means Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekhov, and Uhura aboard the Starship Enterprise.
* There are only three movies in the "Star Wars" trilogy.

efrex said...

Over 40:

Doublespacing after a period is required for typewriters, which uses fixed-width characters (the period takes up the same amount of horizontal space as a letter). A single space doesn't provide enough visual distance between sentences. Since virtually all computer fonts are proportionally-spaced, however, the period is already next to the preceding letter, and a single space is sufficient to separate the next sentence.

Yekkishe Bekishe said...

Happy Birthday!!

FBB said...

If you don't text, what do you do at a chuppah? ;-)

teenager said...

wat i dont even know u r supposed 2 double space after a period.
I dont pay by cash I only use credit/debit cards

I dont call cellphones only text hu has time to speak and say hi just get straight to the point

I only watch sports games from my cell phone not like the ancient people hu uses laptops.

thats it 4 now

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, when I was a freshman in college (2002), my English teacher (who was only in her 40s, or 50s at most) told the class that we should leave two spaces after the period. I do so to the present day.

Staying Afloat said...

You're not supposed to double space a period? I learned that on computers.

I also don't text or use debit cards.

Oh- and when my kids go away to camp, I send them with envelopes and paper and stamps and actually expect them to use them.

Yehudah said...


I've always meant to ask you but was afraid the answer would be yes: Do you know who I am?

G6 said...


You say you're afraid the answer would be yes....

This puts pressure on me.
Do you want me to say "No"?

Since you told me a long long time ago that you read and enjoy my blog, I'm not sure why the fact that I know who you are would be upsetting to you. Especially since we agree on many issues.

I'll keep "pretending" I don't know who you are if you want me to. I'd HATE to have you stop commenting!

ProfK said...

Happiest of birthdays!
What dates me? Having heard today that Art Linkletter died this week and not only knowing who he is but having watched his show.

tembow said...

OMG i had no clue you weren't supp to put 2 spaces after a period. AND i am most definitely younger than you!! (I guess it learned it from my parents :)

Anyway, happy birthday!

not so young no more said...

what ages me?
the sun.
I am now older than all my assorted doctors (expect my GP)
I finally started calling shirts under other shirts "shells" and not "inserts"
I still say "awesome"
my old jewelry is now in fashion
my old clothing is now in fashion
my old recipes are now in fashion

I had no clue about the no double spacing on computers, and I totally double space after periods.

I remember the ads for Palisades Amusement Park, Bank Americard (boats for boating, tents for tenting, bi-ki-ni souveniers)Levi's jeans (good mo-orning world) etc

rotary phones

mobile phones that weigh five pounds and are 9 inches high

you didn't say the word Nazi

Anonymous said...

Yehuda -

It goes back to your comments on the wacky wednesday picture for Aug 4, 2010. remember this is a public place if you are going to be write an opinion you should not be afraid if G6 or anyone else figures out who you are.

Yehudah said...


I guess I'm too transparent. Oh well. I might have to be more careful about my comments for now on. In any event, thank you for your kind words. Have a gmar tov.


Most people in this world would readily say certain things under a pseudonym that they wouldn't publicly say under their own name.

G6 said...

I don't think Yehudah has anything to be ashamed of.

He is true to his beliefs and he is always respectful. I admire both those qualities.

Yehuda, You are NOT transparent and I honestly don't think ANYBODY else knows or could figure out your identity. If you contact me off-blog, or the next time I see you in person, I will explain to you how I know who you are. I have NEVER revealed your identity to anyone else I don't believe that you need to change your commenting style. I strongly believe that your anonymity is safe.

I have always, and will continue to protect my anonymous readership's identity. (If you notice, I've never even approached you myself with this knowledge)

I believe that your opinions are both informative and valuable to this blog and I fully understand why you post under a pseudonym.

Gmar Chasima Tova.

G6 said...

I'm enjoying this comment thread immensely.
You've all made me smile and reminisce.
And I can't get over how many others still type the two spaces!

Yekke Wannabe said...

Yehuda -

The only people that use a pseudonym are people trying to get under your skin but if you really believe what you are saying you should have no reason to be afraid if G6 knows who you are.

Anonymous said...

I double space after periods - my parents and teachers told me that I had to! I know who Walter Cronkite was, even though most of his career was before I was born. I grew up watching M*A*S*H*. I think that reality tv is ridiculous. I remember when the Berlin wall came down. I grew up with 1940's big band music. I can answer all of the USSR questions in the original version of Trivial Pursuits. I (a member of the facebook, cell phone, etc. generation) am not on facebook, but I do sms. This is the only blog that I read and I actually read the newspaper! Printed on paper whenever I can.

And the bit that makes my friends tease me about being a grandma...I really like tea, seltzer, herring, and poppyseed cake.

G6 said...

Anonymous 10:24 -

The only blog you read? Seriously? {blush}
I'm flattered.

Would you consider emailing me off blog and identifying yourself? - one grandma to another... ;)

Keep up this comment thread. I'm feeling younger and younger all the time.

FBB said...

I'm pretty sure that most word processing and even some websites (possibly even this one)adjust for the double space, and transfer it to a single space. I'm not sure about emails.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:24 - i am in my 20s and i love herring!

DD1 said...

"I have, on occasion, been mistaken for my daughter by acquaintences when she and I are not together, and for her sister by strangers when we are together..."

FSIL and I were reading this together and as I read this I rolled my eyes and said, "yeah right!" and then I read least you're aware enough of what we think ;)

And you taught me to double space after periods and I've stopped that long ago...makes me smile to hear you still do :)

G6 said...

DD1 -

You can roll your eyes all you want, but you can't deny the fact that those things have HAPPENED, can you? :P

... and I'm glad I made you smile :D

Joey said...

I can confirm that those things happened.

I can also confirm that those people are lying just like I did when I told my 70-year-old college professors that I thought they looked 40.

Eye roll duly inserted.

G6 said...

Joey -

Keep talking like that and we'll see who gets to eat the leftover sweetbreads on Yom Tov!!! :P

Doobie said...

I didn't know double spacing after the period dated me. But I also use proper punctuation when texting (my kids think it's cute)!

YW said...

For all the double spacing after period people, you should know according to Grammar quick and dirty tips, The Chicago Manual of Style, the AP stylebook, and the Modern Language Association all recommend using one space after a period at the end of a sentence.

G6 said...

YW -
That may be so, but old habits die hard ;)

YW said...

Don't worry the APA style writing still requires using two spaces after a period.

Is there a specific writing style that you want the readers to use?

YW said...

Anyone remember Creepy Crawlers?