Tuesday, September 7, 2010

K'Siva V'Chasima Tova

With profuse apologies for the dearth of posts this past week, due in part {cough, cough... entirely} to a hectic workload both at the office as well as at home, I'd like to wish all of you a K'siva V'Chasima Tova - a year of HEALTH, happiness, peace and nachas - and remind readers on both sides of the Atlantic to remember Eruv Tavshilin.

I do hope to post table photos later in the day (once the "experimental" flower arrangement that we ordered is picked up from the florist...).

For those interested in what Shehecheyanu fruits I've procured this year - here's the list:
Pomegranate (of course)
Figs (it wouldn't be Rosh Hashana for Avram without them)
Passion Fruit (my absolute FAVORITE)
Dragon Fruit (because it's so pretty when cut)
Cactus Pear (it looked so lonely...)
Pepino Melon (because I always want to try one thing I haven't tried before and this looked the least scary)

What did YOU buy?


ruchel said...

My father is getting gooseberries but i'm staying far away as possible.

Have a ksiva V'chasima Tovah everyone

Mark said...

Shanah Tovah Umetukah and Ktiva Vechatimah Tovah to you, your family, to all the readers, and to all the rest of klal yisrael.

A devoted reader said...

Mark -

Thanks for the kind words.

cuzzin buzzin said...

yum, you're so lucky. I am allergic to everything. haven't had a fresh fig in 30 years :(

Now i could go to sleep said...

cuzzin buzzin -

Now i understand why you used whole wheat flour instead of regular flour for your blueberry muffins in your 7-11-10 post you are probably allergic to regular flour also

efrex said...

Haven't gotten the fruit yet: with two Asian markets right near work, though, I suspect that there are some lychees in my future.

Is the pepino a fruit, either botanically or halachically?

Ketivah vechatimah tovah!

Something Different said...

Star fruit are the only new fruit that I find edible. I actually love em!

ProfK said...

Papaya and pomegranite here.
Cuzzin, avocados are a fruit not a vegetable, so if you're not allergic to them that's a choice.

A gutt gebentsch yahr to you, your family and your readers. May we all be zocheh to be saying that again next year.

Staying Afloat said...

Cuzzin buzzin, I too am allergic to all the fun stuff, which this year includes those fuzzy lechees and fresh dates. But every year I eat the apple pear. It's all I can have, and it tastes pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Efrex -

G6 doesn't pasken, ask your local rabbi.

efrex said...

ProfK: Just to make life difficult (who, me?): I believe papayas are actually halachically vegetables according to most authorities. If they aren't, then you run into Orlah issues, but that'sanotherstorynevermind (required Sondheim reference, since I've gone about a month since my last one here).

ProfK said...

Efrex, my bad--I tend to call everything in that particular fruit family by the same name papaya--the fruit in question is actually a mango, no question of orlah.

Anonymous said...


It is actually a very big machlokes acharonim what brocha what is considered a fruit or tree and what to make on banana and raspberries and blueberries and papayas so i will follow what my rabbi says not what you believe to make.

Anonymous said...

Monstera. It peels itself when ripe, it's sweet. If you close your eyes it's the perfect fruit.