Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping Site Update

Because of the amazing response from you, my readers, to the recent offer posted on this blog, the kind folks at have "upped the ante" for those of you still sitting on the fence.

New customers, for a limited time, will receive a whopping 20% off on their first order, along with free 1-2 day shipping. I dare you to find a better offer out there ANYWHERE! Just use code SILV7629 at checkout.

I'd love it if all those who have ordered would comment as to their experiences in the comments section. My experience was flawless.


BLD said...

KaSheleg Yalbinu. Not as cheap.

Rivki said...

Awesome! I still haven't used the code (just because of procrastination), and now I'm thrilled! Who knew putting things off could actually be beneficial!