Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frum on Jeopardy!

A frum woman named Gitta Neufeld - a "Judaic Studies Teacher Trainer" from Far Rockaway, won over $18,000 on Jeopardy! tonight.
She entered the Final Jeopardy round in second place, but upon seeing the category was "Old Testament", she bet all but $100.
Smart move.
She knows her Iyov ;)
Good for her.
Mazel Tov.


Yekke Wannabe said...

I'm sure she said Rav Schwab Pshat also

G6 said...

Yekke Wannabe -
All I'm going to say is that she has definite ties to our little neck of the woods ;)

frumcollegegirl said...

we watched it! her son is a good friend of Mr. FCG so we cheered her on.

it was like watching Joey on Millionaire all over again, very exciting :)

Anonymous said...

she's my brother-in-laws aunt :)

Frayda said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

She was my daughter's principle in Rebbitzin Bulka's school.
She is a wonderful human being besides being very bright.
Hatzlacha !!!!!!!

YDL said...

So where's the video clip?

G6 said...

Sheesh - Must I do EVERYTHING for you guys?!?!?
I've added the clip.
Enjoy :D
And feel free to revisit Joey's Millionare appearance if you want more.

Bad4 said...

Thanks. I looked for the clip, but you made it a lot easier. Keep posting!

BLD said...

She shouldnt have shook his hand. Its ossur.

Anonymous said...

It's also ossur to make a huge chillul Hashem, and there are rabbanim who say you make shake hands in order to avoid humiliating someone. I would say that this was one of thise cases, and also to forestall the many non jews watching jeopordy from comments about how she wouldn't, ect, which would have been a bigger chillul Hashem. You should probably learn something and get out in the big wide world before making comments like that.