Sunday, January 23, 2011

GWC2D Artful Sunday

This could become a post about your refrigerator.
What has it become the repository for?

In my house it holds house keys - mine and assorted neighbors' (I sure hope they never come to collect because I'll be darned if I know whose is whose....), upcoming wedding/bar mitzvah/assorted function invitations (sorted in date order - closest date on top), coupons (only ones I'll never use for, some reason....), photos, recipes, shul "time" tables and of course family artwork.

Or this could be just a post about art. I took these down from the dissarray that is my refrigerator so that you could fully appreciate Jennifer's work.

NOW go back and tell me what you've got on your refrigerator door (and if it's a recipe - please share ;) ).


Staying Afloat said...

From one art person to the mother of another, those are really well done! Please pass on my compliments.

My fridge has a shul schedule, flyers for events in town and at the kids' schools, and bar mitzvah and wedding invitations in no order at all, because we just stick them back up after they inevitably fall down. (We have no access to the sides, so anything up there is on the doors.) Oh, and community magnets, with phone numbers like Hatzolah and local restaurants, etc.

BLD said...

On my door I have printouts of

ProfK said...

We keep the shul schedules and invitations on the fridge door, lots of clip magnets, some with emergency phone numbers on them, a running list for grocery shopping, and a couple of dedicated clips for reminders of things that have to be done that day--before a chag that goes into Shabbos we have a "make an eruv tavshilin" reminder up. There's also a blank note pad with a magnet on the back so we never have to go hunting for blank paper.