Sunday, January 2, 2011

Talent/Variety Night at the G6's

If my posts have been spotty lately, it can be blamed partially on a heavier workload and partially on the fact that I was busy rehearsing for our (not quite) annual talent/variety night.

Last night's melave malka was arguably the best one ever! It turned out to be equal parts Gilbert & Sullivan and Lewandowski, with a bit of Burns & Allen and Alex Trebek thrown in for good measure.

I may be biased, but I think that Jennifer once again stole the show. She really has a feel for timing and humor (and can memorize 8 pages of script like nobody's business).

Videos may or many not be forthcoming, depending on permission from the performers.

Of course efrex and The Lovely Wife (tm), still owe US ALL a video - and we're not going to let them off the hook, are we folks? Illness prevented them from completing their parody of Allan Sherman's "Harry Lewis" with regard to this very blog. I hope to have something to show you soon :)

Oh, what the heck.
Start with these:


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy Lewandowski's V'Zocharti Loch, i actually have a cd from the KAYJ choir and i play that song every time I'm in the car and i really enjoyed hearing Avram sing it as the Chazzon on rosh hashana.

BLD said...

zayer shine! They should go on American Idol (German version).

Looks like Eric lost a lot of weight !

Anonymous said...

BLD - We want to see you on American Idol.

Eric said...

BLD, Eric HAS lost a lot of weight and appreciates the compliment (if it wasn't a compliment, don't ruin the moment for me ;)

btw BLD, do we know each other?

Louisa and Jehoschua said...

Wow. It would have to be called American Idol - German Version bc "German Idol" just doesn't sound good.

As the addressee of said Lewandowski, may I say that my dear husband and I (no TM involved) are incredibly touched, moved, etc. by this video. No, really. And to the text of the song, Amen v'Amen.

Yekke Wannabe said...

If there was an American Idol German version i would sing Zacharti loch, The yom tov Yigdal and the rosh hashana Yigdal, Mizmor L'Dovid the one which the boys have a part, Chazzon Lasdun Onim Zemeros on Simcos Torah and The tzadik Katomer that Eric has the solo in when he comes.

Anonymous said...

Happy New years!