Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Days Bring Out The Best In Some People.

I don't normally post about my job, because believe it or not, there ARE some things that I keep private ;), but I'm going to make a quick exception to publicly thank all the people who came out to help me at the Senior Center today.

I'd like to thank Scraps, Yekke Wannabe, Mrs. Michael Westin and others without blog monikers, for calling and coming in with offers to volunteer and/or deliver meals.
Your community mindedness is truly touching.

And hey, anything that gets Joey in a plastic apron serving soup is a good day for me :D


Ezzie said...

Hurrah for Scraps! (We're personal fans.)

Leora said...

This is a heartwarming picture. And stomach warming, too.

Yekke Wannabe said...

Its my pleasure to help people out. It's also nice to do a 90 year old man still getting out there in the snow to volunteer serving.

leahm said...

the guy in the cap? I thought he was someone seeking refuge in a warm place with free food