Monday, March 12, 2012

Pesach Cleaning Finds - Part I

All right.
some part of Pesach cleaning has to be fun, right?

If it's not fun, we need to MAKE IT fun, because, as I remember Rav Schwab z"l telling a women's shiur many years ago, it's a mitzvah to come to the seder and feeling simchas Yom Tov, NOT wiped out, so clean accordingly.

This feat can be accomplished in many different ways.

First off "Staub ist kein Chometz" [German for "Dust is not Chometz...." - doesn't it sound more FUN in German ;)?] This means - step away from the windows, the cornices, the chandelier, the draperies (you heard me, Avram) and if you didn't do those before Purim, then they can wait until after Shavuos.

Joey, as a child, when cleaning his room used to have a rule that any interesting find he made during cleaning, he would don. This made for some wonderful Pesach cleaning photographs that without even asking, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have permission to share with you. But there's an idea for you, anyway.

Now my area doesn't yield such finds that are exactly wearable. I mean, on which body part would I put the 11 month old (dead) check for $23.99 from my insurance company? Sigh....
I DID find though, a fun sized candy bar (that may also be 11 months old.....) that I am definitely going to eat (as an experiment of course). I will let you know if chocolate goes stale in that time frame as soon as I do my important research.
I also found a sizable sum of cash whose origins I can't recall, but that will be long gone after Aisles 1 & 2 of my Pesach shopping spree have been traversed.

We also finally got down to counting and rolling all the money in the "spare change vase". Yes folks, we put it off so long that the little box grew to be a ten inch by five inch diameter glass vase, which we now know is capable of holding $65 in assorted coinage (Aisle 3 of the Kollel Store right there......).

I also reclaimed one nail scissor, two nail clippers, three plain white number 10 envelopes and about 8 CDs without any identifying labels on them......

I'll keep you posted as cleaning continues because I know that you are all just on the edge of your seats.

So to summarize: GO FORTH AND CLEAN BUT HAVE FUN!!! (and report to me in the comments section any "fun finds" of your own!)


Anonymous said...

I found a stack of zip disks. Does anyone have zip disks any more? Does anyone REMEMBER zip disks any more?

Anonymous said...

I sure do!
But then again, I remember 5" floppy disks.
Those were actually floppy!!

Mystery Woman said...

I went through every closet and drawer and found all sorts of things, but I can't find a very important memory stick. I was counting on Pesach cleaning to find it!

Mrs. S. said...

This is usually the time of year when we finally - and hopefully - find all the things that never turned up when we switched back to chametz after LAST Pesach... ;-)

YW said...

My mother found four pairs of reading glasses around the house. I'm the sure the young middle age readers could attest to this.