Friday, March 23, 2012

Scene on the Web - Don't Think These Things Don't Happen

I wouldn't believe half this stuff, if I hadn't experienced a good number of these when I sat shiva for my father - INCLUDING the one where a visitor asked how old my mother had been.... (she was in the kitchen at the time....).

Sometimes less is more.


SuperRaizy said...

That is so disturbingly realistic. (Of course, it still made me laugh). People are idiots.

Louisa said...

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. My favorite part is the comment about hugging the cousins. Also every single other comment.

ProfK said...

Yep, fact not fiction. A lot of the comments are funny seeing and hearing them this way, but when I was sitting shiva I honestly thought a whole bunch of people had lost their minds when some comments like these were made. Obviously some people don't turn their brains on when they turn their mouths on.

BLD said...

He said it fast - the Griz in the Stentzelach - he is referring to the fact that the Griz (Brisk) was typed onto stencils in its first "Printing".
This to me is the most hilarious.

Shoshana said...

Great, loved it.
And indeed so very realistic - frightening.