Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purim at KAJ / Breuer's - The Choir Sings

For the past several years, the choir of KAJ has performed a medley of Lewandowski Purim songs for the enjoyment of those people who choose to stay a few minutes after mincha in shul on Purim afternoon.


Anonymous said...

The Gabboim of the '50, '60 and '70s are vondering vhat happen to the young men ve brought up in strict GERMAN disipline that they are conducting themselves like a bunch of OST JUDEN. Herr Wolf, Herr Frankel und Herr Goldman are restless at this moment.

Dolly Lamma said...


Danny Frankel said...

The Mark Sanchez in the video is not really Mark Sanchez; it's me!

yekkishe bekishe said...

Niskatnu Hadowrows (emphasis on the OWs , please)! Why isn't the Conducter using a Weisswurst as his baton? Wait a minute, I think in the Friedberger Anlage they used a Cervelat! Ist das ein zustand! Does anybody remember? Does anybody care to remember?

BLD said...

forgive me but its not a catchy tune.

YDL said...

In response to Anonymous:
This choir performance is obviously not being done during davening. If it was, I would agree with you (for several reasons). As it is not, I do not see your complaint. I think that this adds to the spirit of Purim in a way that no other kehilla could and has nothing to do with davening. It surely beats being drunk, rowdy, and has a sense of decorum to it.

Rav Breuer said...

"Our Synagogue possesses a choir which, however, does not take part in any actual Teffila. The Torah-true Kehilloth in Germany also had their choir which finds its incomparable predecessor in the great choir of the Levites in the Beth Hamikdash. When R' Hirsch was once asked why he had a Synagogue choir, he replied gruffly: 'Leave me in peace with your Meshorerim...whose religiosity is often quite doubtful. My choir consists of members and children of my Congregation; it is part and parcel of the Kehilla and its melodies enhance the dignity and sanctity of our Divine Service.' If we did not have our choir, we would surely miss it."
From "Our Way"

Anonymous said...

YDL - Get into the Purim spirit.

Dang Proud Ostjude said...

Anonymous --Satire doesn't always come through online. Try using emoticons.

YDL--Rumor has it that Yekkes are missing a certain gene that is critical to the development of a sense of humor. You have just proven that to be true.

G6 and her family must have some Ostjudisch ancestors because they are obviously an exception.

Avram said...


Thanks for the compliment, I think.
As far as I know neither the Mrs. nor I have any Ostjudisch ancestors (at least ones that we’ll admit to).
But I must take issue with this rumor you are spreading. It’s not that Yekkes are missing the humor gene. Just the opposite. Yekkes have a more highly developed sense of humor which can often be misinterpreted when they don’t appreciate the simpler ( I’m trying to be kind) wit of their eastern brethren.

Perhaps this can be the next project for Moreshes Aschkenaz to research and then publish a sefer on what is the true Aschkenaz sense of humor!

The main thing is that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, keep in good spirits and then we can appreciate all kinds of humor, east or west.

Good Shabbos, :)
Mr. G6

Old Timer said...

Thank goodness for the Choir of KAJ and all they do!
Over the last few years it has been one of the ONLY aspects of the Kehilla that has grown and improved.
They are still one of the things that make the Kehilla great.
Keep up the tremendous work