Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hang In There - Shabbos IS Coming...

Despite the fact that the freezer had a meltdown (pun most decidedly intended) and needed to be replaced this week -

Despite the fact that my debilitating cold virus has taught me that although Nyquil Cold & Flu works wonders for me, I have a pretty nasty reaction to the Nyquil Cough Formula -

Despite the fact that I still haven't identified the source of that sweet (not unpleasant though unusual) odor that only I seem to be able to smell in one certain spot in my kitchen and it is driving me batty -

Shabbos IS INDEED coming with guests [though fewer than I would have liked].... (let's hope that my bordering-on-compulsive hand washing ensures that I don't turn into "Typhoid G6"...)

Oh and for Brunhilda (I refuse to call you Anonymous any more - that would be giving tacit approval so I picked a name that I think would most likely encourage you to pick one of your own!), I made an awesome fish salad with scallions, celery and pickles.  I was also scrounging in the freezer for anything that would  allow me to spend extra time hovering over the humidifier inhaling vapors instead of baking and I found a treasure! Banana chocolate chip muffins that will do nicely for Friday night dessert (it's amazing that nobody snitched them out of the freezer ~ I have to label my baked goods "Raw Chicken" more often, lol...)


Mikeinmidwood said...

Raw chicken ay? Got to try that trick, it will look weird on a box of ice cream.

Brunhilda said...

I like the name!

Feel better. Hopefully Shabbos will heal.