Friday, February 6, 2009

Joey's 10 Year Project

When Joey was in 5th grade The United States Mint commenced its
50 State Quarters program.  Joey remembers thinking as his grandmother presented him with a lovely collection board that, "there was no way" he was still going to be doing this when he was in college (remember: to a 10 year old, college is right up there before collecting Social Security), but he sure wanted to try.
50 states - 5 a year - for 10 years.... today Joey triumphantly arrived home and purposefully drilled the last quarter (Hawaii, for those who are curious) into its designated spot.  He recalled that in the very beginning Mrs. Berger, his school librarian helped him look up Cesar Rodney, whose portrait graced his very first quarter (Delaware).
(By the way... Joey says that there's a story that goes along with each and every quarter - including the one he won gambling on a Chanukah dreidel game....)



It' s very beautiful your home ...Bonsoir et a bientot .Gerard

tembow said...

congrats on finishing!
btw my grandmother collects them also :)

Mikeinmidwood said...

My brother just needs hawaii and then he is done.

cuzzin buzzin said...

does he have Philadelphia AND Denver minted?
that was our goal, sadly to say, not yet reached