Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Soliloquy

A) Since I know nothing about football and my son is a precocious genius of a wunderkind  (ok, he told me to write that...{actually he sat down at my laptop and TYPED THOSE WORDS IN HIMSELF!!!}) and

B) I'm stuck attending (but not necessarily staying at) my childrens' Yeshiva's Annual Dinner tonight [I'm going to show support but whether or not I stay depends entirely on how the thing is run] {As an aside, you know you don't have to know ANYTHING about football to enjoy a really good superbowl party - - - I've actually attended some where NOBODY watched the game at all - - - some of us just like any excuse for festivities}

I have agreed to link you all to my son's Super Bowl blog post - even though he hasn't posted on his blog in almost a year and takes every opportunity to bash blogs in general and mine in particular.  He is "claiming" to have written this post especially for me and my readers "because he 'loves me' " {yeah, right.... he already had his dinner so I'm not quite clear on the motivation}.

I , on the other hand, truly do love him enough to 'forget' (temporarily) how often/badly he derides my blog and send you to this post.

I tried to read it so that I could tell you it was good, but all I can tell you is that it is ALL about sports, not amusing, and if you don't know football you won't know what on G-d's green earth this guy is talking about.  Don't say I didn't warn you..........

Oh, and for those of you NOT so into sports, here are my thoughts on the Super Bowl:  What's with the slapping each other on the behind bit??!?!? :)  {grin}


frumcollegegirl said...

if you'd like, i can tell you who to stick to, since he already swore to go AWOL to watch the SuperBowl

cuzzinbuzzin said...

"My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself". thus the extent of my interest in football.